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If you are a Priority 2 candidate this post is relevant to you

Please see the below updates from ISN as well as MSCV on the recent visa changes.


Dear international students,

Please see our latest update sheet on changes

Summary of changes:

1) It has been confirmed that all final year students (Who are in a medical school physically located in Australia) applying for an internship in 2018 will be able to obtain a 457 visa ? ?
^This means that if you are a final year student and you obtained your visa BEFORE Nov 2011 you are still eligible for the 457.

2) For future graduates, it is expected that we will be on the 485 visa for 2 years to obtain the minimum work experience (2 years) and to obtain AHPRA registration. Thereafter, we may be able to apply for the MLTSSL under “Medical Practitioners NEC” – we would encourage students to speak to their migration agent. The MLTSSL provides a direct pathway into permanent residency. However, this is subject to change and review every 6 months

Outstanding issues:

1) Students who obtained their visa before Nov 2011 and are not graduating yet –> We are still in discussions with DIBP

2) Colleges who require a PR before obtaining registrar positions (e.g. AGPT, SET (RACS) program) –> Still in discussion

As with all other posts, please feel free to email me at zhengjie.lim@amsa.org.au OR speak to a migration agent.


The news from ISN that all students graduating this year should be able to obtain a 457 visa is a great step forward!

We are supporting and working with ISN to the best of our ability to a) Clarify the situation for the current group of graduating students as well a those that will follow as well as b) Represent our students concerns to the matching authorities.

We have already been in contact several times with PMCV, and by extension the HMO managers, to understand what is going on from their end. Our goal is to allay their fears and to work to ensure that the above changes do not affect the hiring practices in Victoria as far as this years match is concerned. We have no reason at this point in time to suspect that it will. 

We have a meeting scheduled between PMCV, the HMO managers as well as the Department of Immigration coming up in July. We will update everybody as further information comes to light.

All the best for the final dash to the line everyone!