We hope your week is going well!

Contained within this email: 

  1. Match Dates
  2. Hospital applications 
  3. Referees
  4. Priority Lists
  5. VRMS
  6. Facebook Group Rules
  7. Job-Share candidates
  8. TOI

1. Match Dates

The national close date, and date that all hospital applications should be closing, is June 2nd.

If you come across any hospitals that have published / given any indication that they will close their applications before this time, please get in contact with us at internmatch@mscv.org.au ASAP.

We are already aware RMH had previously published an earlier date on their website. We raised this and it was rectified.

Please note; From the below table, you may re-order hospital preferences up until 28th June but you cannot add any new hospital networks to your preference list after June 2nd.

2. Hospital Applications

MSCV, as well as PMCV, encourages every applicant to apply for the maximum number of Hospital networks possible.

We understand that there is a large amount of time and effort required for every application that you do submit.

This is advised however so that:

P1 applicants reduce their likelihood of being unmatched and needing to go through the process that follows that.

P2 applicants maximise the likelihood of obtaining a match. A reminder, the number of jobs to applicants is looking very good for P2 applicants this year. Applying to the maximum number of hospital networks, and completing your applications in full, will maximise your chances of obtaining a match.

P3 applicants Similar to P2 applicants above. Judging from last years report there is only a small percentage of P3 applicants that are successful in obtaining a match. Maximising your application number however will maximise your potential of obtaining a match.

3. Referees

Please note that Referee nomination, as well as Referee submission (i.e. Your referees completing the form they receive via email) is due by June 2nd.

You can find out if your referees have completed their forms through the PMCV computer match website.

If your referees are yet to complete their forms, we would encourage you to get in contact with them to

a) Ensure they did receive the email from PMCV

b) Remind them about the due date

Contact PMCV ASAP if you are having any issues with the above. 

You are able to find out what you referees wrote should you wish. Contact computermatching@pmcv.com.au for more information.

4. Priority Lists

A reminder; Hospital networks are only able to see which applicants preferenced them. They are NOT able to see where candidates preferenced them on their list i.e. The Mildura Base Hospital will receive a list of all of the applicants that preferenced them, they will not know however whether each candidate listed the Mildura Base Hospital as their 1st preference or last preference.

Any comments from hospital networks about how they only preference applicants that first preference that hospital network are blatantly untrue. The list of candidate preferences is not transferred by PMCV to the hospital networks.

No hospital network should ask you where you preferenced them, either in informal conversations or in interview settings. If this does happen to you please get in contact with either us or PMCV.

5. Victorian Rural Medical Scholarship Scheme

For those that are interested in working in a Victorian Rural setting, VRMS applications will close Friday 7th July. 

Please the application form here and more information here.

6. Facebook group rules

As we move closer to interview season just a reminder about our Facebook Group rules;”Please note that, in the interests of using this group in good faith, we will moderate the group to remove any:
– comments or posts that may be considered slanderous or disparaging of any individuals or specific hospital networks
– comments or posts that may skew the application process (e.g. sharing of interview questions).”

We will not enjoy having to enforce the above but we will if needed. We ask everyone to please respect this.

7. Job-share candidates

We know there are a number of hospitals offering job-share internships this year. We have received a number of requests to help connect applicants to apply for these positions. If this is something that you would be interested in feel free to get in contact with us at internmatch@mscv.org.au and we can offer what help we can to connect potential applicants.

8. Transfer of Information (TOI)

The TOI policy is a new aspect of the match this year. It “is designed to support medical graduates in their transition from medical school to the medical workforce.  This policy supports graduates to transfer select information to potential employing health services to assist in facilitating an appropriate and supported internship.”

In essence it aims to encourage Intern applicants to self identify to health networks any increased / different requirements or circumstances prior to the match with the aim to match them with a hospital network that will be amendable to working with the applicant on a modified work plan.

We know there have been a number of individuals who have confidentially contacted PMCV about this scheme. We would encourage anyone who thinks this may apply to them to get in contact with PMCV.

For further information please see here.

MSCV is also happy to chat with anybody further about this. We would encourage anybody who thinks this may apply to them to really consider it.

All the best on your final week of applications!