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The Medical Student Council of Victoria (MSCV) is a representative body for medical students studying in Victoria. The aims of the Council are to represent Victorian medical students and to connect their Medical Student Societies.

Victoria’s Medical Student Societies have traditionally had close relationships, through the long enduring friendly rivalry between students on either side of river, the ingrained need to fight for Victorian pride at AMSA Convention and because of the long history of shared events, such as hard fought inter-uni sports days or memorable combined balls.

Opening of the new medical school at Deakin University in 2008 seemed like an excellent reason to strengthen these relationships through a state level representative body. Impromptu phone calls and catch ups didn’t quite work as well when there were three parties to consider. The goals of the Council were serve as a unified voice on issues that affect medical students of this state and as a forum for regular communication between Victoria’s Medical Student Societies.

The Council
MSCV is comprised of three representatives from each of the Victorian Medical Student Societies: the Presidents, AMSA Representatives and a third representative nominated by each Society. In addition, each year a Chair is selected by the Council to be its voice, represent its views and coordinate the Council’s agenda throughout the year. The Council meets monthly, or more frequently as needed.

Official Documents
MSCV’s Official Documents are its Constitution and its Regulations & By-Laws.

Goals for 2015
• Continue to serve as a unifying voice on issues that affect medical students of Victoria, including Internship capacity, quality of clinical training, hospital sharing and student well-being;
• Facilitate communication between the Medical Student Societies of the state to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience;
• Enable the co-ordination and organisation of events involving all Victorian medical students
• Increase the awareness of MSCV amongst Victorian medical students.

We hope to achieve the goals through:
• maintaining an active dialogue with key stakeholders on Victorian medical education and health care
• supporting the organisation of a forum on pertinent issues affecting Victorian medical students
• supporting the organisation of the MSCV Sports Day and Cocktail Party, and
• further developing the website into a useful resource for Victorian medical students.

For more details of MSCV’s core business, see the pages on Events and Representation.