What do you need to apply for an internship?

For the centralised PMCV application, you will need:

  1. Your Medical Intern Placement Number (MIPN)
  2. Candidate priority / preference list (CPL) of hospitals submitted on the PMCV portal
  3. 2x completed PMCV referee assessment forms
  4. A completed standardised CV uploaded to PMCV portal 

Candidates are also required to apply directly to the individual health services that they place on their CPL. This may involve written answers to specific questions, cover letter, attendance at any interviews, psychometric evaluations, situational judgement tests or further requirements specific to each health service.

What is the difference between the PMCV candidate number and the medical intern placement number (MIPN)?

The PMCV Candidate Number is a 5-digit number that is automatically generated when you start your application. It can be seen next to your name under ‘Manage your application’ on the PMCV portal. This is the number you will need for applications to Victorian health services.

The MIPN is a number provided by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to every intern applicant in Australia. It is used in the national audit, which will take place following Round 1 Offers, to find people who have multiple offers in various states and revoke their surplus offers. You will need to submit your MIPN to PMCV, but health services will generally not require it. You should have received the number in an email from your university, and should contact your university if you have any issues with your MIPN.

Do full-fee domestic students get Priority Group 1 status?

Yes. All students trained at Victorian medical or clinical schools who have Australian citizenship or permanent residency have Priority Group 1 status and are guaranteed an internship for 2020.

What do I do if my residency status has changed between enrolment and graduation?

If you have obtained permanent residency since you first enrolled in medical school, you will be considered a Priority Group 1 candidate. Please send all documentation to your medical school and notify PMCV to ensure that you are listed under the correct priority group.

What do I do if I want to take a year off before commencing my internship?

If you wish to defer, you need to submit your request for deferral to PMCV by Monday 1 July 2019. You may opt not to apply at all, and to submit your deferral form prior to the match closing. If you have submit your application and decide to defer after this, you may still withdraw from the Intern Match and submit the deferral form by Monday 1 July. You can not accept an offer from a Victorian health service, and then have it held by the health service for the following year. If you decline your internship offer, you will not be offered a Victorian internship in future years.

Do health services have quotas for PG1 and PG2 candidates?

Intern positions will be set aside across Victoria for the exact number of PG1 candidates who apply for the Intern Match. The remaining positions will be available for PG2 and PG3 candidates, as well as any positions declined by PG1 candidates following the first round of offers. Health services can also ‘quarantine’ spots for PG2 or PG3 candidates they intend to make offers to, as long as there are enough positions for PG1 candidates in Victoria.

How do I go about finding a job-share partner?

If you don’t manage to find your own job-share partner, PMCV is happy to coordinate this with any other candidates who contact them about job-sharing. Dr Sheila Bryan, the medical advisor at PMCV, would be the appropriate contact.

Do I need to provide my Z-score to the hospital?

Z-scores are forwarded directly from universities to a nominated representative at each Victorian parent health service (e.g. Manager, Medical Workforce Unit/HMO Manager). PMCV does not receive your Z-scores. If you would like to opt out of this transfer, you may contact PMCV or your university; however, this is heavily advised against.

Do hospitals have minimum Z scores?

Some hospitals do, though many do not. Melbourne Health has a minimum Z-score of 3.5 for applications for 2020 internships. Please consult the health service websites or application requirements directly for further information.

How many preferences should I put down?

PMCV recommends listing 8-10 preferences. We recommend that any Priority Group 2 or 3 students fill their preference list to maximise their chances of being matched to an internship position.

Is there a difference between listing 8 or 12 preferences?

If you list 8 preferences and none of your top 8 health services rank you highly enough to offer you an internship position, you will be unmatched. If you list 12 preference, you have 4 extra health services that may consider you, increasing your chances of being matched.

Can the health services see where I ranked them in my preference list?

No. PMCV does not give hospitals access to your preference list. They can only see that they were one of your preferences.

Until when can I change my preferences?

You can change your preferences until Monday 1 July. New preferences can only be added up until the close of applications on Friday 7 June.

Has the confidentiality of the preference list ever been breached?

No, we have never been aware of any breaches of the CPL in the past. Health services do not receive this information. Any breaches are taken very seriously but this is not something you should be worried about.

General advice for CVs

Please find the advice compiled by PMCV here.

What does the clinical placement section on the standardised CV refer to? Can I include placements that I haven’t completed yet?

This should be a list of rotations you have completed in your clinical years. You can include placements that you will complete later in the year, however you should specific that you haven’t completed them yet.

Is the CV photo compulsory?

No, it is optional; however, a number of HMO managers have previously indicated that they would prefer its inclusion.

Can you upload the CV multiple times on the PMCV website/individual hospital portals?

You can upload updated versions on the PMCV website. However, this will vary on individual hospital portals, should they require your CV to be uploaded there as well.

Is there a page limit or suggested length for my CV?

No, you are encouraged to use your own judgement, but to be succinct and add only relevant information.

Can I reformat the CV template?

Please treat the CV like a form and do not delete/change any headings/sections. It is acceptable to add rows to existing tables so that information lines up correctly.

Can I add rows under each section of the CV?

Yes, you may add rows; but you should treat the CV like a form, do not delete or add major boxes.

Can I change the font, font size or format of the CV?

Please treat the CV like a form; it is not recommended that you change the formatting of the CV.

Do we need to provide our CV to each health service?

If you have submitted your standardised CV to the PMCV application portal, PMCV will ensure your CV is distributed to each health service on your preference list.

General advice for references

Please find the advice compiled by PMCV here.

Can you use two consultants from the same rotation?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you use referees from two different rotations or specialties; however, your application will still be accepted if you use consultants from the same specialty.

Do the clinical referees have to be consultants?

It is recommended that you use consultants where possible. Health services have said that, in general, they prefer referees to be more senior than registrars. Some hospitals may accept registrars as referees as long as they have supervised you clinically, but others may not, so please be aware when submitting your references.

Do the hospitals see the names of our clinical referees?

Yes, they will see all the information you provide about the referee, which includes their title, name, position, hospital, phone number and email address.

Can I use my research supervisor as my referee?

If your research supervisor has also supervised you clinically, you may use them for your referee assessment. It is generally not advised to use research supervisors as referees if they have not supervised you in clinical practice as they may not be able to comment on your clinical skills on the referee assessment.

Do we only put down two clinical references or is there an opportunity to submit extra character references?

You can only nominate two clinical referees on the PMCV system. Some health services do ask for additional non-clinical references, but these are submitted directly to the health service. The instructions for each health service will be made clear on their individual application portals.

How recently do I need to have worked with my referee?

There are no strict rules. You will need to have worked with them as a medical student, and it is recommended that your reference be from the last 1-2 years. On the referee assessment form, the referee will be asked to outline the dates they worked with the candidate. However, health services understand that references may be older for those who have taken gap years or undertaken other study. This time frame is more relevant for other matches such as those applying for PGY2+.

If I intend to defer my internship, can I nominate my referees this year to secure my references now?

You are allowed to nominate your referees so that the referee report request forms can be sent out and completed during this year’s application period and saved for you to use in your application for a 2021 internship next year.

In order to do this, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1.       Sign up as a candidate in the 2019/20 Intern Match
  2.       Enter your personal details and at least one health service preference
  3.       Enter the contact details for two clinical referees. Once you have submitted your referees’ details, they will be emailed a referee report form to complete online
  4.       You will receive a notification email when each of your referee reports have been completed
  5.       Once both referee reports have been submitted by your referees, you must complete the deferral of internship form and return it to PMCV (before Monday 1 July). In the deferral form, include the names of your two referees. We will save the completed referee reports for inclusion in your application to the 2020/21 Intern Match

Can I use a referee from overseas? If my referee has moved internationally, can I still use them?

You may nominate a referee who is overseas, provided they have supervised your clinical practice; however, it is recommended that you use referees who are based in Australia.

Can I see what my referee wrote about me?

Requests to view referee reports are not automatically provided by the PMCV team. PMCV will respond in writing/email within 30 days of the request for referee reports being received (provided that the FOI form is completed correctly). Referees may not complete their reports until the application close date, so we absolutely cannot guarantee access to referee reports prior to this date. Please also note that you can not withdraw your referee or have that referee assessment wiped after it has been completed, even if you have not viewed it.

If I don’t submit two completed references, am I still eligible for the match?

Yes, however this may affect the strength of your application, and some health services may not consider this a complete application.

What happens if I get an N/A on one of these references?

This is almost expected to be the norm by the HMO managers. They understand that not all references will be able to assess you on every criteria. If there are a number of N/As on your references that may become an issue.

What can I do if my referee hasn’t responded or hasn’t received the email from PMCV?

PMCV will not chase your reference for you, but they can send the referee assessment form again upon your request. To do this, you will need to email PMCV at computermatching@pmcv.com.au with your name, your candidate ID, your referee’s name and referee’s email address.

What can I do if my referee hasn’t responded despite multiple reminders and I want to replace them with a different referee?

You may only remove and substitute your referee if they have not yet completed the referee assessment. To do this, you will need to email PMCV at computermatching@pmcv.com.au with your name, your candidate ID, your referee’s name and referee’s email address and they will remove the referee from the PMCV system. Please remember to contact the referee to let them know they are no longer required to fill out the referee assessment.

What is eMercury?

eMercury is one of the online application systems used by health services. You need to go to each hospital website and submit an individual application on eMercury for most hospitals (in addition to signing up on the PMCV website).

Previously, they required you to upload your CV on each eMercury system as well as PMCV. This may not be the case this year, but health services like to have all the information on their own systems and to be able to access it as soon as submitted.

Do hospitals ask additional questions?

Many hospitals do ask additional application questions as part of their online application process. Some of them are general questions, some may be clinically focussed.

What should I put in the referee section of eMercury?

You can put down the names and details of your clinical references.

How do I know which hospitals want cover letters?

The hospital directory is available here and contains a summary of what hospitals require for their application process. This will include whether or not specific hospital services require cover letters or have any other specific requirements.

How long should my cover letter be?

It is recommended that you keep your cover letter to one page.

Do my non-clinical referees need to provide a letter?

Eastern Health non-clinical referees are required to provide a signed letter. Please consult the websites of each health service as this may vary.

Who does Eastern accept as a non-clinical referee?

Anyone that knows you outside of the clinical environment including but not limited to past employers and members (or leaders) of volunteering/community/sports groups.

Will health services tell us how they weight different parts of the application?

Some will, some won’t. We recommend that you check their website, attend their information session, attend the Medical Careers Expo, or speak to their Medical Workforce Unit.

Do I need to submit the same CV template or style as the PMCV one?

Yes. Consider the individual hospital CV submission as simply a duplicate submission of the standardised CV you submitted to PMCV.

Interstate students: where do I upload my academic transcript?

PMCV advises interstate candidates to provide their transcripts directly to health services either via their online portal, or via email to the contact email address provided in the health service directory / individual job advertisement.

What will happen if I preference a health service but do not submit an application?

Some health services do not require applications. If it was for a health service that did require an application, it is unlikely that they will include you in their rank of candidates.

When will hospitals notify applicants about interview offers?

The release of interview offers is up to each hospital network, and can be staggered. We will update students on the MSCV Intern Applicant Support page with more information when available.

When will interviews be held?

Health services will conduct their interviews between Monday 10 June and Monday 1 July. Some will not conduct interviews at all, but we recommend that you are cautious about planning holidays around those dates. Some health services have already specified interview dates for 2019.

  • Albury Wodonga Health: –
  • Alfred Health: 12-17 June (via video)
  • Austin Health: 18-26 June
  • Bairnsdale Health: –
  • Ballarat Health: from 20 June
  • East Gippsland: late June (via Skype)
  • Echuca: –
  • Goulburn Valley Health: 12 June
  • Grampians: – (in person in Melbourne)
  • Melbourne Health: 17-28 June
  • Mildura Base Hospital: –
  • M2M: 25 June
  • Northeast Health Wangaratta: 24 June
  • St Vincent’s Health: 17-21 June
  • Western Health: –

The following will not be conducting interviews in 2019:

  • Barwon Health
  • Bendigo Health
  • Eastern Health
  • Gippsland RITP
  • Monash Health
  • Northern Health
  • Peninsula Health
  • South West Healthcare

Is there any point leaving a health service on my preference list if they didn’t offer me an interview?

Yes, it is recommended that you leave the health services on your preference list. Some health services will still include candidates they did not interview when they submit their final ranking of candidates.

I am away during the interview period; can I interview via phone or Skype?

These are offered by some health services, particularly those located in rural areas. Most health services that are willing to offer the interviews via phone or Skype will have indicated this on the application requirements directory, but you should consider contacting the health service directly if you are unsure.

How do I find out if I have been matched?

Round 1 (Priority Group 1 candidates): Monday 15 July – access the PMCV computer matching website

Round 2 (Priority Group 2 candidates): Monday 19 August – you will receive an email from PMCV

Round 3 (Priority Group 3 candidates): Late August TBC – health service will contact you directly

The health service will also contact you directly via email regarding your employment contract.

What does being unmatched mean?

This means that you were not ranked highly enough by any of the health services that you preferenced.

What happens if I am unmatched as a Priority Group 1 candidate?

Priority Group 1 candidates are guaranteed an internship offer in Victoria. If you are unmatched, you will receive an email from PMCV with the list of health services that have unmatched positions and specific instructions on how to apply for unmatched positions. Health services with unmatched positions will also receive a list of unmatched candidates. Generally, this process is completed in the same week as Round 1 offers (Monday 15 July), with the aim of matching as many candidates as possible by the end of the week. More information can be found here, and you can contact chair@mscv.org.au for more support. There will be a separate, closed Support Group on Facebook for those who are unmatched and have any questions.

What happens if I am unmatched as a Priority Group 2 candidate?

Priority Group 2 candidates may receive an offer directly from a hospital/health service if a position becomes available due to nonacceptance or a later decline/withdrawal. If a vacancy arises at a hospital/health service, PMCV will forward a list of unmatched candidates, but only health services that you put down as a preference will have access to your CV and referees.

Can I receive multiple offers in Round 1?

No – you will receive one offer only, which you will need to accept or decline within hours or days. You are advised to accept your Victorian offer whilst waiting for interstate offers. If you decline your offer, you are ineligible for any future internships in Victoria.

If I applied interstate and am still waiting for other offers, should I accept my Victorian one first?

Yes, it is recommended that you accept your Victorian offer first. You can decline the Victorian offer later if you receive an interstate or international offer that you wish to pursue instead.

What happens if I applied to more than one state and I get multiple offers from different states?

You can accept multiple offers, but you are advised to reject the ones you do not favour ASAP. This is essential to allow someone else the chance to fill this spot. If you hold on to more than one offer, you will be contacted during the national audit process in July/August. If you do not indicate which offer you intend to accept, all offers will be withdrawn except the first offer made to you.

How do I accept my offer?

You will be contacted by the health service with an employment contract. It is sufficient for you to accept the offer with the health service directly, and no further action is required on the PMCV website.

Who gets the declined positions?

If a position is declined by a Priority Group 1 candidate, the position will not go back into the pool of positions in Round 1. These positions will not be open to other Priority Group 1 candidates. Often, these positions are declined quite late in the process, and will go into the Round 2 match for Priority Group 2 candidates if they are declined before the match is run. If they are declined later on down the track, they can be offered directly to unmatched Priority Group 2 candidates.

I am enrolled in a Bonded Medical Place. Do the two bonded years under this scholarship add to the years I am already bonded?

No, we have been advised that the bonding overlaps and does not add any years to bonding. Please contact the Department of Health and Human Services if you are unsure and would like to clarify.

How do I know if a health service is classified as rural or not, particularly in the context of being a bonded student?

Please contact the Department of Health and Human Services to ascertain whether your internship at a particular health service can contribute to your years of service under your contract.

The internship application period can be a stressful time for candidates. It is important to seek help early if you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed, and we encourage you to check in with your friends, family, GP and other support networks during this time. If you feel that you need extra support or just someone to talk to, please refer to the support services we have compiled from your universities.

Deakin University

Jacqueline Payne (Counsellor, School of Medicine), 03 5247 9677, jacqueline.payne@deakin.edu.au

Bookings & resources: Deakin Health and Wellbeing – Counselling

Monash University

Don’t underestimate the importance of having your own, regular GP.

Get a GP Guide

University of Melbourne

Danielle Clayman (Metropolitan Health & Wellbeing Practitioner), 0466 474 547, danielle.clayman@unimelb.edu.au

Hannah Sloan (Rural Health & Wellbeing Practitioner), 0428 933 952, hannah.sloan@unimelb.edu.au

Dr Maeve O’Donnell (Academic Mentor), 0403 568 874, academic-mentor@unimelb.edu.au

Bookings & resources: Melbourne Medical School Support Services