The most anticipated event on the Doctors-in-Training calendar, the Winter Ball, is just around the corner – and tickets are selling out fast!

The Event is proudly supported by Avant, AMAVic, and AMA Financial Services.

This year’s ball will meld all things wonderful about winter, with a fine three course meal and a brilliant band, and all for a good cause.

The Godknows Orphanage Supporting Scheme is a community development project in the Kartu Village, Mazowe District, Zimbabwe. It aims to provide shelter, nutritious food and practical skills development for HIV/AIDs orphans. Proceeds from the ball will help to support the establishment of horticultural projects, which in turn will enable the orphanage to grow and sell produce and become self-sustaining.

Ticketing Announcement

Tickets are now available, and can be requested via email, with payment being via direct deposit. Tickets are $105, with a generous $20 discount for Avant members.

******Avant Membership******

For current members to find out their Avant membership no. they just need to call 1800 128 268 and go to option 2 to speak to Member Services.

If you are not yet an Avant Member but would like to sign up, visit . In order to join Avant and receive the discounted ticket price, simply select the appropriate Application form:

DiT Package
Intern Package (free)
RMO1/PGY2 Package (free)

** MAIL TO: Reply Paid, Shaun Jacobson Ref # 1717
PO Box 746 Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

** FAX TO: 1800 228 268, attn: Shaun Jacobson, Ref #1717

** SCAN/EMAIL TO: Ref #1717

Then specify the date and type of application in your email request.

******Buying Tickets******

Complete the following fields, and email to

Phone Number:
Avant Membership number OR Date/Type of Application:
Electronic Transfer Complete: YES/NO

Direct Deposit should be made at the time of email, into the following account:

NAME: Stewart Morrison
BSB: 063 254
ACC: 1035 5977
Description: (your surname and initial)

Ticket requests will be compared to account deposits. If you are purchasing more than one ticket at once, ensure that all guest names and numbers are included in the same email. Without your Avant membership no. you will not receive the discount, and you will be required to pay the full rate before the event.

Please note that no physical tickets will be issued. Please ensure you are carrying photo ID on the evening, which will be compared to a guest list.