MSCV 2012 Forum: Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Watch the MSCV 2012 Forum

The increased number of medical students training through the Victorian health care system and the impact of quality of medical education has been a concern for the Medical Student Council of Victoria (MSCV) since its inception in 2007.

However, an additional concern is the number of prevocational and vocational training positions which also need to rise with increased junior doctors. Have you considered if you will get an internship? Or whether entry into the specialty pathway of your choice will be more competitive? For international students, do you know your prospects of being able to secure internships in the future?

MSCV brought together key stakeholders in medical student education, prevocational training and vocational training to discuss these issues.

Speakers include:

Jamie Alexander – Australian Medical Students’ Association
Ian Graham – Prevocational Medical Council of Victoria
Geoffrey Metz – Committee of President of Medical Colleges, Epworth Hospital
Sarah Mansfield – AMA Victoria Doctors-in-Training

This forum was open to all current medical students considering further training in Victoria.

Watch the MSCV 2012 Forum