Thankyou to all the wonderful “athletes” who turned up to MSCV sports day on the weekend. For some, it was an outstanding display of sporting prowess and for others, well, lets just say it was just not pretty…

Regardless of if you won or lost everyone played with great sportsmanship and all who competed, and/or watched had fun. Thanks must also go out to Ashray Gunjur from Melbourne University for his amazing job in organizing the event.

To see the photos from the event check out:

Sporting prowess : Click image to see full photo set !

With regards to other MSCV activities, it has been a fairly busy 6 months.  Early in the year we successfully held the third annual MDM ball, which saw students from Notre Dame Sydney join their student colleagues from other Victorian hospitals as their first cohort of clinical students started in Victoria. We have also been very lucky to have representatives from Notre Dame join MSCV this year and I believe this has helped build and foster partnerships, which will continue to grow and flourish in years to come.

MSCV has had representation on a number of councils and committees including the VDHP Consultative council, AMA-Victoria, AMA-DiT, AMSA Council and many of it’s working parties. MSCV continues to meet and discuss issues which affect you as medical students in Victoria such as GP Superclinics, Government research funding and student well-being. If there is an issue facing Victorian medical students that you feel needs to be addressed then contact your MedSoc or even MSCV directly via the ‘contact’ page above.

A current issue we are discussing is that of domestically trained international Medical students applying for Internships in Victoria. As all Medical students should be aware, there has been a significant increase in the number of Medical students in Australia over the last few years. This has been to meet a shortage in the medical workforce, and has many implications for your current and future training. We have seen a rise from 1348 domestic graduates in 2005, to a predicted 2442 in 2012.  When you include international graduates there are close to 3000 medical students predicted to graduate in 2012 (Joyce et al 2007).

The state government has guaranteed domestic Victorian Medical students internships for 2012; however this is not the case for the international students with whom you may study.

MSCV recognises that successful completion of an accredited internship is a compulsory component of registration as an Australian Medical practitioner. As such, MSCV believes that every graduate of a Victorian medical school should be guaranteed an internship position.

We believe that prospective medical students and trainees should be adequately informed on rising students numbers and its impact on pre-vocational training.

There will be more to come regarding this issue so keep your ears to the ground.

Suggested reading:…certainty-on-internships&post_id=520&cat=issue-7-16-august-2010