MSCV would like to welcome Victorian Medical students back to Uni for 2011. We hope you’ve had a great summer, filled with work, rest and play (in healthy proportions!)

In the latter part of 2010, elections were held at UMMSS, MUMUS and MEDUSA for student representatives, including Presidents and AMSA Representatives. In addition a Chair was selected from the University of Melbourne. The following representatives will make up the Medical Student Council of Victoria in 2011:

James Churchill, Chair, University of Melbourne
Michelle Li, UMMSS President
Danika Thiemt, MUMUS President
Tegan Dobbie, MEDUSA President
Eric Lo, UMMSS AMSA Representative
Catherine Pendrey, MUMUS Senior AMSA Representative
Amy Wong, MEDUSA Senior AMSA Representative
Roselle Robosa, MUMUS MSCV Representative (& Gippsland Co-Chair)
Katherine King, MEDUSA MSCV Representative (& Junior AMSA Rep)
Josh Laing, NDS Melbourne Observer
Anita Smith, NDS Melbourne Observer
[UMMSS MSCV Representative will be announced shortly]

MSCV is proud to represent Victorian Medical students — we would love to hear from you, whether it’s suggestions on issues for advocacy or for new events. Our contact details may be found on the ‘Contact’ page above.

James Churchill
Chair, MSCV