In 2011, the major issue facing all Australian Medical Student representative bodies remains the availability of sufficient Internship positions for graduates. Many student groups, including the Australian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA), MSCV and individual Medical Student Societies have joined the Australian Medical Association, Medical Deans and Postgraduate Medical Councils in advocating for the rights of graduates to receive the training vital for ‘general’ registration and future practice in Australia.

From the training capacity perspective, data on increases in the number of Victorian Medical graduates is alarming. In 2007, two Medical Schools produced 403 graduates, including International students. This year, five Schools are predicted to produce 853! National data are equally staggering.

The ‘Medical Student Tsunami’, after breaking over Queensland and NSW in recent years, is making its way to Victoria for 2012. Whilst there is now widespread awareness and acknowledgement of these issues, there remains a significant discrepancy between the number of Internship positions in Victorian health services and the number graduates of Victorian Medical Schools.

MSCV is aware of the significant concerns of Victorian students, and has been working hard on these issues over the summer.

Today, we have released a letter to Hon David Davis, the Victorian Health Minister, outlining the concerns of Victorian Medical students. Alongside, we have released a letter to Victorian Medical students advising them on the status and progress in Internship capacity in this state. Also linked here is the AMA Medical Training Joint Statement, developed in September 2010.

MSCV will continue to post any new information as it becomes available. Contact details for MSCV and its student representatives may be found on the ‘Contact’ tab above.

James Churchill
Chair, MSCV