MDNM 2013The Medical Student Council of Victoria is proud to announce this year’s instalment of the annual MDNM social. Hosted at the Portland Hotel in Melbourne, the 2013 MDNM promises to be one of the highlights of the Victorian MedSoc social calendar. We can only guess as to who might make an appearance at the “MDNM”-themed party. Perhaps Mario, Daft Punk, Neo, or Marge Simpson? Come dressed as anything starting with the letters M, D, or N and see if you and your friends can win the prize for best dressed on the night!

Tickets are $28 and include 3 drinks, canapés, and exclusive drink specials throughout the night. Non-alcoholic tickets are also available. MDNM 2012 went down as one of the parties of the year and the MSCV intends to make 2013 even better. Tickets are selling fast so book now to avoid disappointment!

To get your ticket visit the MDNM page here.